Hi everyone!

I haven’t had a lot to say lately, but just wanted you all to pray for me. I am having some health problems and went to the cardiologist last week. I am having blood work done tomorrow and tests done Thursday. I just need to find answers to my latest health problems. I seem to fix one thing and something worse crops up. I am hoping and praying for some relief. I still truly enjoy following your blogs. I’m still having trouble with my iPad so some days I don’t get to connect with you all. Have a great Sunday, I am resting a lot today and it feels so good not to have to do much!


16 thoughts on “Hi everyone!

  1. due to tablet break down, avaswan had lost the password to this blog. That means she lost all her follows and followers. she would much appreciate if you could stop by her new blog, swanyriver.wordpress.com.

    thank you.


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