Brotherly Love

Y yMown brother and I had not been close for many years until recently. That was due to him being a preacher in other states and a missionary in Mexico. So now he is back in Texas but not living in Houston where I live. But he has come to Houston twice recently and I have and we have gotten closer from the reasons for the visits. The first visit was to preach a funeral for an old highschool friend. That is when he came to me and admitted how she reminded him of me. She had written a book about her life as the outcast of the family. And I got some closure I badly needed from my past. Then recently he came back for a highschool reunion. And I ended up helping him. It all began  many years ago when he was leaving to go ask his girlfriend to marry him. And mom got in his car and told him, that his girlfriend  had had told her she did not want to be a preachers wife and did not love him like that. Well my brother was broken hearted, ring in hand as mom told him she did not want to see or hear from him again. So eventually he married another without getting moms blessing first. Well at the reunion he saw his old girlfriend and they had the chance to talk!!! And both were dumbfounded to realize that mom was lying to my brother. His sweet girlfriend thought he had found someone new at the seminary and she was heartbroken that he dropped her without a word. When he came over to tell me this I told him that mom loved him so much I felt she wanted him to be like her brother had been to their mom. This Uncle whom my brother was named after had lived with their mom and remained at home taking care of her until she died. He didn’t get married until his late fifties and was to old for kids of his own . I think he felt a little part of the craziness in our home from the over love to him as the golden child. And for me the scapegoat child.I have always loved my brother and am so happy to have him close again. This is not a put down of our mother as I have written what a tragic life she had, but to try and make sense of our roles in her life.


5 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  1. What a bittersweet story. I think Losers’ mama would have done something like that if she could.
    I’m so glad you got to see your brother and he got to see his girlfriend.
    I’m glad you felt some kind of closure. Being the outcast is something only another outcast could understand. It leaves such a scar. It may fade but it never really goes away, does it?😥

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