He’s Free at Last

It was a wonderful weekend for my grandson!!!  After being in house arrest for 5 weeks, he finally is out of trouble. Not before have every toy in his room thrown away and and spending everyday in his room with books and a deck of cards, that was his existence. No family time no outside or TV. It is true he kept getting in trouble at school for his ADHD problems. But all the whippings, belittling, threats didn’t help. But thank you God I prayed every day for his peace of mind and finally they took him back to his therapist. And due to growing over the summer and gaining weight, they changed and upped his meds!!! And guess what he had a great week at school last week. Isn’t that amazing, I’m sorry for sounding ugly but my grandson has such a sweet heart and is a good little boy he just has bad impulse control without enough meds. I wish my son and his wife understood that, they think they beat sense into him. But praise the Lord this weekend he got to go with his family out to eat and Sunday my son took him fishing which he loves. Then my son went bicycle riding with him, just the two of them, and he got to play outside. He was so happy, I could finally relax and must breathe. I taught him how to play solitaire and tried to be there for him during the times of his troubles but I wasn’t allowed to interact that much with him. So we are both happy for his new found freedom. Thank you God for hearing my pleas!  And I also took in the paperwork to be able to get an apartment in public housing. So hopefully in the next 6 months or year I will move out like my son asked me to. I am blessed to have found a place to take me so soon. I have never liked to be where I’m not wanted, but I’m learning to keep my thoughts to myself about my grandson. And that must be the lesson I needed to learn. I am content with my circumstances because I am thankful all the more for what I do have. I’m stronger through the storms because I have drawn closer to the Lord.


4 thoughts on “He’s Free at Last

  1. It is the love of my grandparents that I remember the most. They are such a valuable resource and so many people tend to undervalue them. If I could have it to do over, I would have told them every single day…how much they meant to me.
    Your grandson will remember you and he will cherish your memory. Kindness always outweighs brutality.

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