An awesome day!!!

Today I found answered prayer and I am so excited. I had been calling and looking for a place I could afford to move to. I had been so upset because I had been batting 0 on finding help from the state to help with my rent or a place I could afford.  They had told me a 2 year wait to even apply for help. Well today I went to a gov. assistance apt. for little ole ladies like me. Ha! And they have a 6 months to a year wait list And they do help with my rent, no wait for 2 years, they will help when I move in. I was excited to see the place was very nice and clean and mainly I will have my own place! I will be able to not ever feel in anyones way again. I am so thankful for answered prayer, I only wish I had more faith instead of vetting so depressed about it. Thanks for listening to me yak about the good days!


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