Preaching from a Hammock

A Precious Soul

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rimrock-09-25-16This morning, I got to see my pastor preach from a hammock.

He swung back and forth, rocked by the fall breeze, sipping apple cider.

Or at least, his soul did.

Red and yellow leaves fluttered and danced around his soul, which was at rest.

His soul was in a hammock, while his weak and pain-filled body, ravaged from cancer, sat supported on a goldenrod chair in front of a microphone and a room full of people of  varied emotions.

Agothos, ἀγαθός, ή, όν, he says.

“God is agothos.” He says, with a weak voice, during what is likely his last sermon.

“God is good. He is good in nature.”

His voice, frail and fragile, deliver words of deep rest that thunder in the room.

“God’s character is 100% good.  He takes evil and arranges it for good.”

Last week, he visited hospice.

This week, my eyes are fixed on a man…

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2 thoughts on “Preaching from a Hammock

  1. Today I took time to come and see what you were blogging. I have been so blessed and encouraged. I know from personal experience that God is stronger in the weakness of His believers. My heart grieves for all the violence in your country and all the unrest and deception in mine. It seems that God is being dismissed from many nations but yet…….the remnant across the world – even in the persecuted places is rising. In sorrow, persecution, and struggle those whose hearts are fixed upon HIM will find in His Grace the journey to Kingdom eternity is Strengthened by His Strength alone.

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