Some crazy kind of week

It has been a hell of a week. It started last Monday afternoon, for those that don’t know I live with my son, his wife and 3 kids.  Since my divorce I have lived with them and clean do laundry and keep my grandkiddos whenever needed.  I’m not sure if , but think what transpired happened because of a sweet friend could not take life anymore and ended hers. My grandson 12 years old had gotten in trouble at school,  and what happened next has hurt me to the core. My D-I-L took him upstairs  first and whipped him with a paddle. She is screaming at him at the top of her lungs promising to take more rights away from him, he has ADHD and has problems with controlling himself in large numbers of kids. And this is often what happens, so he seemed to give up and said I don’t care. She then threatened to send him off to military school (he used to cry with this one), but again he said he did not care. She is screaming all this time and as he said he did not care she slapped him in the face very hard. I made the terrible mistake of saying — please calm down.– means her name.  She turned her furry on me telling me to stay out of it, I didn’t understand. I thinking he is going to commit suicide some day said you don’t understand. She yelled at me to get upstairs immediately, whicme down later and apologized profusely saying I was afraid he might commit suicide and that made them angrier. I said it’s not your discipline as much as having ADHD and his emotional issues that can cause this. Anyway long story short, my son said I need to find another place to live. My D-I-L  seemed ok after a few days and so did my son. I was looking into places to move in quick, which is hard on what I get a month on disability. There is a two year wait list to apply for government aid. Anyway today was my D-I-L birthday and I gave her my last hundred in a card for her birthday. In which she said thanks for the card, no biggy, It seems small in their range of money. So then we went out to eat for her birthday, her mom, her sister and  brother in law. It was the most uncomfortable I’ve been in a long time as she obviously  had told them the story. No one seemed to know I was there I was ignored like the inteloper. She loves me doing all the work around here but hates m, I think that is why when I was looking for a place, she seemed nice, but around family it was a different story. I also spent my money for meds for a dinner of indigestion tonight.  Wish me luck trying to find a cheap place, but most of all I just needed to get the last week off my chest.


8 thoughts on “Some crazy kind of week

    1. She has never liked me and 2 and a half years of her is killing me. I don’t know why she said I could move in, to be her slave and to humiliate me about my financial status. Thanks Jess for your sweet words, hugs to you too.

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  1. I’m wishing for you to find a new place and fast! Sounds like you need to get out of there as soon as possible. I’m on disability too, so I understand it won’t be easy, but the situation your in does not sound good.

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  2. Thank you Bradley, I hate leaving my grandson as I know I won’t be getting to see my grandkids or son anymore. But, I can’t live like I have been it makes my fibromyalisa and and depression worse.


  3. This breaks my heart on so many levels first one being your grandson’s situation . And then you having to witness the abuse and keep your mouth shut. It seems to me that family doesn’t really treat us like family when we really need them the most. My family uses me too as the maid for my parents and won’t give me a dime. The more we give the more they take. I’m praying you find a new place.🙏

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