The Talk with Sharon Osborne

I was so encouraged today from Sharon discussing why she a was absent from their show for awhile. She talked about having a complete mental breakdown and what she went through in detail. She talked in the same terms as any of us would when describing a breakdown. How she felt the 1st three days and couldn’t even talk, how much it helped her to be in a group setting with others going through it too a community feeling of not feeling so alone. How hard it was to get on the right medicines and what she does to help herself everyday. She said she wanted to talk about it so if she helped just one person dealing with it she would be so happy. She helped me so much in showing the world that we need understanding and compassion. A public face saying it is no different from any illness and needs to be respected and not stigmatized.

It is so different today from back in 1975 when I had my first breakdown. I was married at the time to a bipolar man who drank to self medicate and took no meds. I had my two boys at the time and she had beat me up before and I thought nif I just won’t make him mad things would get better. Well we all know now where that was heading! So it kept getting worse until one night he almost killed me and my oldest ran to get neighbors. The police were called and I wouldn’t go to the hospital, I had such shame and and had hid it so long. We stayed that night with my neighbors until my parents could get to town. My parents got to town and my mother-law-law came  in saying what did you do to provoke this. I feel apart and went absolutely crazy from it all being too much. I was put in my parents car and nobody did anything about my mental state  and I  was falling apart all the four hours to their home with my four year old hiding his face every time he looked at me. My face was a mess and I couldn’t hear out of my right ear for weeks until the swelling went down. I am so glad things are getting better , but it has gone so slow in which there has been real education about mental illness.

I’m praying we shall be understood like we deserve.


7 thoughts on “The Talk with Sharon Osborne

  1. My mom suffered from either bipolar or depression during the 70’s. All they did was keep her full of valium to the point she was a zombie. It’s sad for me to look back and remember what a remarkable person she was, yet few ever saw that. There’s no words to describe how grateful I am to live today, where not only have meds improved, but so have society’s outlook on mental illness has. Not where we want it yet, but it’s gotten a whole lot better

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  2. Good Morning. I haven’t watched daytime tv for a long time, but I have much respect for Sharon O. for addressing her breakdown. We need that kind of open honesty, it will carry us a long way out of stigma. My mother suffered 2 major breakdowns, one I witnessed at age 6, and the other when I was an adult. It was complicated. She was mostly an untreated manic depressive, in the 50’s and 60’s, when there was so much shame. Our father had witnessed the worst possible treatment of his father’s severe depression in the 1930’s, he was mostly incarcerated for 2 decades in a state institution, left to die unhealed. So, to say the least, the family was skeptical of any psychiatric practice, medicines, procedures. The worst stigma of all for my birth family came from within our most intimate circle.
    Thanks for the visit and follow. I’d be proud to follow back. 💘 Van

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      1. It took a lot of time, struggle on my part with my own issues. But in the end, it is all worth the journey. Thank you for visiting my blog, it lead me to the post on Sharon O.☺ Life/blogging works that way, thankfully. 💕

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