I’m still here

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I am waiting for my Doctor to get me set up with a Rheumatologist and try to get me some more help. The gabapentin is not helping like I hoped. It literally feels like someone beat my right foot with a baseball bat on the bottom. And I have to be up and around most of the day cleaning and washing here. I moped all the floors today made 4 beds and washed sheets for a 5th. I vacuumed, did 5 loads of laundry and dishes. And I am about to scream from pain right now, I am walking different because of my heel pain and it has both of my legs having spasms. I have been like this a month now and it is wearing  me down fighting so much pain. I’m used to pain with fibromyalisa but this is the worst I’ve been for this long. I know my son would not mind if I took it easier but my word to him was if I lived with them I would do all the housework for them since they both work. I just want to be able to be useful to them and not a liability. I sorry I’m pouring out my woes to all of you but sometimes it helps to vent. Hoping and praying I can get in to the doctor soon. I hope you are all doing good, I really enjoy all your blogs.


12 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Sorry you’re going through so much pain. I understand wanting to contribute to the family, but please don’t wear yourself down too much. Remember, you could push yourself too much and they end up having to provide more care for you. I believe we must always take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others.

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  2. My right foot’s been bugging me, like a pain spasm or something. I didn’t injure it, there’s nothing I can think of that would cause it. It’s reminding me to pray for you. So I am. I used to think it was weird when stuff like that happened, but now I just go with it. And I just reread what you wrote. Maybe take it a little easier on yourself? 🙂 ~ ❤ DM

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      1. I know it is hard on all of us right now, but I think sharing our feelings today brought everyone closer. And I want any of us suffering in any way to be able to call on each other. Just like last night you were there for me. I don’t want to lose anybody else who doesn’t feel loved or needed any more. We’re going to be ok because I know who holds tomorrow. Ha! You made me laugh, I like chocolate too.

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