When I Was A Baby

As a baby, before I could walk, I didn’t like my baby bed. My mom said she could walk by my room and I would cry to get picked up. Whereas my brother when she walked by his room would laugh as she made a funny face or whatever. I was on the hyperactive side early on. I wanted out of that cage! I was told, when my cousins came to visit that I would escape. I had a cousin that was 7 or 8 months old too. The first night they were there, my aunt had put us to bed in different rooms. All of a sudden they quit talking as they heard a noise. They got up and found me in visiting with my cousin. They could hardly believe that I had climbed out of my bed because I was so small for my age. So they put me back in bed and waited to catch me if I did it again. Well of course (you know me) I did it again. So my days of being trapped in my bed were over!!!


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