The Writing Bug

I’ve followed blogs for about a year before I got up the nerve to try myself. I wanted the connection with other people since I am house bound guite a bit due to health issues. I loved reading all the wonderful stories about different lives and and dream’s, and the beautiful poems of others.  I saw so much talent and longed to be such a writer, but alas that is only a pipe dream I’ve had for years. Some things in life we just have to accept. I looked at the blogs about bipolar because I have had this since childhood, I followed blogs about fibromyalisa  since I had it for years too. And I found many friends in the process to help with my loneliness. But I haven’t found any with blogs about learning disabilities this was my dirty little secret for most of my life. I was born in the 50’s and there was no knowledge about disability’s so I kept my mouth shut so people wouldn’t find out I was stupid. My cousins called me Zero after a cartoon character with an IQ of zero. So my feelings about myself were confirmed. I made it through high school with a lot of work.It wasn’t until my son was in school that I learned about disabilities and he had both audio and visual disabilities. That was when I found out what was wrong with me. And thank God by then there was help for him and I worked getting the help he needed. As I read this I look back at my sentences and know I still don’t write well but I’m here and just want you all to understand my trepidation.


10 thoughts on “The Writing Bug

  1. You are fine. Just don’t stop writing, it seems to be a healthy outlet for you. We all have room for improvement and that is why I will never stop writing. My blog is very eclectic, just a reflection of me. And I hear you on disabilities, two siblings had learning disabilities in school and I have Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Chronic Fatigue. Getting out of bed to pee is all I can do somecdays. Thank goodness for hand held gadgets, nobody can see me writing from my bed lol.

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  2. I have bipolar and other mental disorders and chronic pain from my spin (DDD), Fibromyalgia and Osteo Arthritis. Word Press for the most part is family like communities and people stick together and help one another.

    Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. Not all of us are writers although some of us are.

    As for learning disabilities, one of my children suffers from audio disabilities and we had her tested and decided not to label her at that point. She was an average student, but intelligent. She went to vocational school and learned Computer Graphics and went to tech school and learned computer programming with web design. (actually we did that one together and we were in the top 3 of our class – she ended just behind me) It was hard for her but she worked hard and is very talented with her computer graphics. She is now a full time mommy and works in the school when they are in school as a lunch mommy.

    My point is that we all have some type of problems, but we come together as a family, sometimes even better than the real families.

    I write about my disabilities, but even though I was a straight A student I did have a type of learning disability. I learned despite it. Don’t let anything stop you from writing. And everybody has something to contribute to this world even if your world is small and is just your blog. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Thank you Tessa for your support! You were one of the first blogs I followed, and I loved your writing. I am not quitting. I have found many new friends through the blogs and I needed the connection.

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  3. I agree with janni. Keep writing. I had never been a writer (and I’m still not) but it has certainly opened a world I never knew existed. The friends I have found here and the support has been phenomenal.
    Pour your heart out. We all do…and we’re here for you! 🙂

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  4. Whenever I think I’m completely alone or no one cares about me, I go back and read the wonderful comments people have left on my blog and all the emails and social media and I realize how wonderful this community is. People really care about each other. That why I love blogging and why I keep going.

    Keep writing no matter what. I’ll always be here for you to give you kind words and warm hugs. XOXO

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  5. Thank you Jess, that means so much to me. I have been so much encouragement, I will keep writing and connecting with all of you. It does help the loneliness! Jess I missed hearing from you and have worried about you sweetheart, I hope this finds you feeling better.Love and hugs!!!!!!


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