Went to see the Doc

I went for a Doctors appointment today and told him about the additional pain I’ve been in the last few months.  He is doing blood work thinking I have Lupus besides fribro and I will know in a few days. Do any of you know anything about Lupus  and what symptoms are? One of my biggest problems right now is being able to walk very much. The heel of my right foot hurts like someone beat it with a baseball bat. The more I walk the worse it hurts. Also the calf of my right leg has gotten much smaller than my left and hurts up into my hip bone when I walk too much. I always thought you had a butterfly rash on you cheeks with Lupus? Anyway I am just hoping I will be able to walk more and with less pain.


5 thoughts on “Went to see the Doc

  1. All I remember from my medic days is that it’s an inflammatory disease that happens when your immune system starts attacking your organs and skin tissue….(I think.)
    It should be revealed in your blood work. It is controllable.

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