Babies in Cars

I read about this evening the 16th baby or toddler being forgotten in a hot car. I am not here to judge the parents that isn’t my job. I can only imagine how the person would feel for this to happen. I just want to bring awareness to everyone to tell friends, family you know how fast a car in Texas or many places heats up. Within 10 minutes a car will reach the temperature of 102 degress. Little ones can’t take the heat as good as an adult and does not take long for their little bodies to shutdown. Today it was a six month old, Sat. the day before Father’s Day 3 year old twins a boy and a girl were left 3 hours in theirs. They are starting to hand out hangers for you to hang on your rear view mirror that say Got Child? Look on Facebook  for James Michael Green he heads the organization of Got Child to get you hanger for someone you love. Thanks for your time!


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