Bad hip days

Well I’ve got myself in a fine mess!  I have a bad hip and have done something to aggravate it. I have been using my arms to get up and now with fibromyalisa my arms are killing me too.  If anyone has some home cures I would love to hear because Tramadol isn’t touching the pain.  Other than that I’ve had a pretty good day, I hope you don’t forget about you dear ole Dads tomorrow.  I had a wonderful dad that I’ll always love. Thankful to have had him as a Dad.


15 thoughts on “Bad hip days

    1. I already take antiinflammatory. My problem is osteoarthritis and degeneration of my back and hip. It is part of getting old when you clean houses for 25 yrs. Lol


  1. Ouch. I feel your pain…literally 😠! Since you read my blog, you know what my pain medicine is…

    Cleaning houses, rough on the bid in a big way. A tough way to make ends meet!

    Hope you find some relief…do you have a bathtub? A good hot soak with 1/4 cup of Epsom salts might do you good.

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    1. Yes it was a rough way to support 2 boys, but with bad learning disabilities it was hard to find easier work. I’m on disability now. I wish your method was legal here.


  2. due to tablet break down, avaswan had lost the password to this blog. That means she lost all her follows and followers. she would much appreciate if you could stop by her new blog,

    thank you.


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