I’m struggling

I am struggling to learn how to learn how to blog. With my learning disabilities. is all Greek to me.  Please bear with me as I don’t understand what to do.


9 thoughts on “I’m struggling

  1. You will learn. Start very simply. even a sentence or perhaps a word. Even a little gentle thought is a special beginning. Enjoy! (I have a dear friend who simply says Hi its Monday and sometimes includes a picture of a flower.

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  2. You’ll be great. Or not, but you have a voice and freedom to say whatever you like (or don’t like). Beware of discouraging trolls. They suck. But I know, you’re going to be great. If you hear otherwise, come tell us all about it and we’ll kick their tails for you. I hope you have as much fun as I’ve been having.~DM.

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